What is Graphology?

Handwriting analysis – Graphology – delves into hidden gems of our personality, revealing our true potential, strengths, weaknesses, and, finally, what makes each of us who we are. 

The Only Government Authorized Academy
for Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting Arena is a leading Graphology institute founded by International Certified handwriting analyst, Divyadeep Kaur, who has over two decades of experience in graphology and who is also the founder of the International Association of  Graphologists. Learn from the best possible Graphologist who inspires you to become a Genuine Graphologist.

Highly Interactive Sessions

Scientifically Designed Training Programs

World Class Study Material

Facilitating Transforma- tion for Two Decades

Courses Offered

It’s never too late to transform your lives. Enrol in the most trusted academy to learn handwriting analysis and achieve breakthroughs in your personal, professional and business lives.

Basic handwriting analysis program

Program 1 Bundle

Basic Handwriting Analysis Program

At Handwriting Arena, you can learn to become a Graphologist. With over 16+ years of experience and well-researched and designed courses, we have empowered many through learning graphology.

Daily grapho manifest challenge

Program 2

Daily Grapho Manifest

DGC is my initiative for everyone who wants to step out of their comfort zones and are trapped in the same negative
energy. This is a 30-day live learning session where I will use. Graphotherapy combined with Manifest techniques to help you attract your dream life.

Professional certification program

Program 3 Bundle

Professional Certification Program

Learn to be a Genuine Graphologist and use handwriting analysis as a tool to transform not just your life but lives around you. Our academy is dedicated to helping you find new career paths and lead fulfilling lives.

Media Coverage

With several years of experience and expertise to her credit, she extensively writes blogs and disseminates knowledge and awareness of graphology, life skills and psychology as important new tools for discovering your fears, aspirations, strengths, sub-conscious mind and weaknesses.

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anu sehrawatanu sehrawat
14:11 11 Apr 22
Divyadeep is an expert in her domain . Her analysis and sessions are outstanding . Everyone should get their handwriting analysed . She helped me raise my vibration, be more positive with graphotherApy
NawabVasi Hai HumNawabVasi Hai Hum
15:35 12 Mar 22
The Session was Awesome, She is teaching and sharing the Knowledge I guess nobody is sharing presently in India.Very Beautiful Session and learned new things about #Graphplogy.Thanks and Regards,Er. Rajat Bhardwaj.
Vidhi SarinVidhi Sarin
15:22 12 Jan 22
The session was amazing. All the points shared were on point. Never thought handwriting could speak so much about a person. Thank you for the amazing webinar.
Jayanti BardhanJayanti Bardhan
15:11 10 Oct 21
It was a wonderful session. I learned a lot about handwriting analysis and also how to calm ourselves through handwriting. It was amazing knowing so many amazing facts and techniques. I am grateful to Divyadeep Kaur for the session, she is doing an amazing work!
Rajeev Kumar MeenaRajeev Kumar Meena
16:19 17 May 21
Mam is so calm and positive , provides very good insights. I was so amazed how she described my personality just looking at my handwriting. Highlighted major area where I have to improve and also gave specific solution to the problems. It was a wonderful session.

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